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Who am I?
Who am I?

Working as a body-psychotherapy through touch practitioner, I was trained in body and psychotherapeutic support methods. I offer counselling to people who need to overcome their life difficulties or associated physical tensions, to help them feel better: stress, psychosomatic disorders, burn-out, parenthood issues, relational difficulties, bereavement, lack of self-confidence, traumatic situations such as abuse (psychological, physical or sexual).

In this process of individual and personalized accompaniment, the space given to speech and to the body is key : the help in the unwinding of tensions, whether they are psychological or physical, is always given to these two levels in order to facilitate an awareness useful for change, as well as offering new resources for life.

As a Feldenkrais method™ practitioner, I also teach Awareness Through Movement during group or individual "tailor-made" sessions to help people gain physical mobility, stability, balance and gestural coordination.

I have been on this exciting path for 10 years, helping others and accompanying them towards well-being. My personal journey combines the development of human potential and bodywork practices.

My training path has included acknowledged practices and methods that enable a reconciliation of past and present, reason and intuition, body and mind. I have firmly established my capacity to accompany others and to help them find their own way of being while respecting their history, their experience and their needs.

Sessions can be conducted in French 🇫🇷or English 🇬🇧

Professional ethics

The techniques and methods that I propose are part of a well-being approach, according to an approach complementary to conventional medical care. They are not a substitute for ongoing medical treatment and do not dispense with consulting a doctor whenever necessary. I do not diagnose or deliver, prescribe any treatment, or give advice to continue or interrupt current medical treatment.  

1) As a certified practitioner in body psychotherapy and counselling, I adhere to the code of ethics of the profession, particularly in terms of confidentiality of exchanges with the consultant, continuous training and regular supervision by experienced peers.  I subscribe in particular to the following elements of ethics:  

Practice legally by being declared as a professional.

​ Respect the dignity of the accompanied person:

  • knowing your own professional limits; 

  • by committing to refer the person undergoing treatment to another practitioner if necessary;

  • by implementing a search for means which tends towards the autonomy and the well-being of the patient or client;

  • by respecting their religious, political, philosophical beliefs;

  • by not using any practice, pressure, of any kind whatsoever, which could jeopardize the integrity of the patient or client (membership in a movement, a school, a religious community, etc.).


​​Prohibit any sexual practice with accompanied persons and students in training.

Prohibit oneself and prohibit any passage to violent acts.

Set fees with tact and moderation and refrain from any material and financial exploitation.

2) As a certified practitioner in well-being massage, approved by the French Federation of Well- Being Massage (FFMBE), I adhere to the professional ethics charter, which can be viewed on the FFMBE website (direct link : click here​ )

3) As a Feldenkrais ™ method practitioner, I subscribe to the charter of professional ethics for practitioners of the method, which can be consulted on the website of the French association of Feldenkrais ™ method practitioners (direct link: click-here )

Professional ethics
Memberships and professional courses
Memberships to professional federations

Practitioner, member of the Professional Federation for the Plurality of Psychotherapies (FPPP)


Practitioner, member of the Association Feldenkrais France and the International Feldenkrais Federation (IFF)

Practitioner, member of the French Federation of Well-being Massage (FFMBE)


Student Practitioner, member of the French Federation of Traditional Shiatsu (FFST)

Training course

Certified body-psychotherapy practitioner in Relation d'Aide par le Toucher ® (EDR) - 800 hours of training over 6 years,  including the certification of Practitioner in Relation d'Aide par le Toucher ®, Abrassart method

Psychopathology (with A. Héril) - 90 hour of training

Feldenkrais Method™ practitioner, Feldenkrais Education (Cantal I) - 800 hours of training over 4 years. Licensed practitioner

Certified practitioner in Well-Being Massage, 

approved by the French Federation of Well-Being Massage (FFMBE)



Membership and professional courses
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