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Relaxation through well-being massage

Take care of yourself and your body, listen to what is happening to you, invite relaxation  ?


I offer you a palette  relaxation sessions integrating the techniques of  wellness massages  adapted to your needs  : relaxing oil massage, relaxing shiatsu, relaxing plantar reflexology and Korean relaxation.

During the session, I always watch  that you are  comfortably seated so that the experience is most suitable for your  integrity. As the massage progresses, I adapt my touch, according to your breathing and your feelings  so that the  pressure is fairer to you.  

I massage on a futon or on a table *, in a warm setting  inviting to enrich your well-being experience. *except  Korean relaxation

Duration and prices of a session

45 min: 55 €

60 min:  70 

90 min:  90 

The practitioners of the FFMBE having as intention and finality the well-being of the person, the techniques practiced in the absence of diagnosis and therapeutic treatment, do not relate in any way, neither in the contents nor in the objectives, to the practice of masso-physiotherapy, as well as any medical practice.  All the services offered are  non-sexual, non-erotic, non-naturist. All  demand  of this kind will be seen  automatically refused.

I do not offer home sessions, except for people with reduced mobility. Shift  on Intra Muros Paris only.


I   want to practice in a maximum of benevolence, presence, respect and  no judgment; However, I reserve the right to refuse to exempt a session in the event that:

- the  beneficiary would state  personal hygiene  not respecting  elementary rules of decorum  between people and respect for a  place of well-being;

- the  beneficiary would clearly be under the influence of alcohol or drugs on the day of the session.

Rates in effect until 06/30/21

Terms of cancelation :  

You can cancel or move an appointment booked in advance up to 48 working hours before the appointment initially scheduled. After this time  and in the event of cancellation on your part, the session is due (except in cases of force majeure).

Massage Bien-Être

Massage Californien - Suédois

Toucher fluide et enveloppant à l'huile permettant d'apaiser les tensions musculaires et favorisant la détente

Massage Shiatsu-Détente

Toucher par pression adaptée des doigts ou des paumes le long des méridiens pour équilibrer l'énergie du corps et se sentir mieux

Réflexologie plantaire

Toucher à base de légères pressions sur les zones réflexes des pieds contribuant à un meilleur équilibre général du fonctionnement de l'organisme.

Relaxation coréenne

Toucher à base d'étirements, de mobilisations et de vibrations facilitant la respiration et le lâcher-prise

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